Since 2002, Scott Technology Center has provided space in which businesses can operate and collaborate, developed technology start-ups using an evidence-based model, and provided workforce development for the companies with which we work. We provide the space for new and more established companies to develop their businesses, attract employees, and work together for the good of their businesses and our community. 


Omaha-based entrepreneurs can lease space in which they can develop and run their burgeoning businesses. But the benefits go beyond the physical space—with proximity to other cutting-edge companies, tenants can learn from one another, resulting in greater growth for all.



The Scott Technology Center Incubator program introduces start-ups to lean methodology, an evidence-based approach to turning ideas into thriving businesses.


Workforce Development

Being located next door to the University of Omaha campus has its benefits. Scott Technology Center tenants and community partners have ready access to a pool of potential talent, providing benefits to both the organizations and to students.