Scott Technology Center was founded by the Suzanne & Walter Scott Foundation, with a mission to grow Omaha’s technology footprint through partnership and collaboration.

  • We develop technology start-ups.
  • We provide a home for both budding and well-established companies.
  • We create experience-based employment opportunities for university students.

And we offer a space in which students, entrepreneurs, business people, academics, and government employees can collaborate for the greater good of each other and our community.

Our Structure

Scott Technology Center is governed by the Suzanne & Walter Scott Foundation, a public, non-profit foundation. Our revenues are used to increase student scholarship funds and contribute to philanthropic causes.

Operationally, the Scott Technology Center has two key components:

  • Start-Up Incubation—The Incubator uses an evidence-based approach to help start-ups succeed in a lower-risk environment.
  • The Data Center—Our large data center provides primary data center space as well as backup space/disaster recovery for large and small firms alike.

Whether it’s helping businesses get started through our Incubator program or keeping them going by keeping data online, Scott Technology center is committed to promoting technology in the Omaha area and beyond.

Our History