Our Vision & Mission

The Scott Technology Center is designed to facilitate partnerships in the areas of engineering and information technology.

Developed by the Suzanne and Walter Scott Foundation, the Scott Technology Center achieves the Scotts’ vision of technologically growing Omaha. Following that vision, our mission is to develop and facilitate the commercialization of emerging technologies while adding value to partnerships with industry, government, and academia.

By partnering with technology and engineering-based firms, the Peter Kiewit Institute, and the University of Nebraska—Omaha, we foster long-term collaborative partnerships, provide unique practical experiences for the best and brightest students in the state, and actively participate in economic development.

Located in the heart of Aksarben Village, the Scott Technology Center also houses the Scott Data Center, which offers 110,000 square feet of facilities to meet the advanced data storage needs of companies across the country.

6825 Pine Street Omaha, NE 68106

P 402-502-6000 • F 402-505-7996 • info@scott-technology.com